Felt like a blink of an eye and TnR2022 is already in the books. Our third edition brought a lot of news: New rig, new set-up, new vendors and sponsors, more teams in the final, more space for the spectators, even more love and energy! THANK YOU all for making this possible.

Almost 120 athletes, around 60 members of our #Greenteamtnr💚 and around 1000 spectators on two days made this years edition memorable. The third edition took place over two days again. This makes it possible to not only workout inside the Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen but also get to show the atheltes what the surrounding has to offer: our trailrun on Sunday morning led the athletes to a place overlooking the city of St. Gallen.

Over 140 Teams in the online qualification, almost 60 teams in the final

The teams really fought hard, gave it their all to make it to the final. We saw it in each and every qualification video we reviewed. Thank you for this dedication. And the final was even crazier. The fitness level is really amazing. This is why it led us to challenging weights and movements for all categories. And it’s why it led you to PRs! Congratulations to all of you who moved tons of weight and grew beyond themselves!

Around 1’000 spectators, around 60 members of our staff

Besides the strong and fit athletes it was also our #greenteamtnr💚 who really amazed us once again this year. They are critical for the success of TnR and they also give their everything to create the best competition experience possible for the athletes. By supporting us in assembling everything, by catering for the athelte’s and specator’s needs, by carrying around tons of weight and making sure the workout goes as planned. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU FOR THIS UNBELIEVABLE EFFORT 💚

7 workouts for all teams, 8 workouts for the top 5

All teams performed 7 workouts, 4 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday. The top 5 of each category advanced to the final and last workout number 8. In each category, we had 20 teams. It was a great battle. Athletes proved their fitness in quick and dirty thrusters and burpees, long bike and jump sessions, fast drag rope jumps, a tournament style workout, a 6k trailrun, heavy snatches and a shaky bar, wall balls and rowing. We also had unknown elements in our workouts. Those were not only loved. It is our head programmer’s creativity that shines through with such elements.

Congratulations to all the teams who were part of the final, and to those who made it to the final and earned the total of CHF 4200 price money, split through all the podium spots in all categories. Besides the cashprice, the price bundle included:

  • Headphones by Dottiraudio
  • Performance socks by Crossfeet
  • Power bars by Peak Punk
  • Cashprices RX: 1st CHF 1000 / 2nd CHF 750 / 3rd CHF 500
  • Cashprices IM: 1st CHF 500 / 2nd CHF 400 / 3rd CHF 300
  • Cashprices SC: 1st CHF 300 / 2nd CHF 250 / 3rd CHF 200

Location and equipment on point

The location really offers enough and generous space for the atheltes. Also the equipment was on point, the new rig – Goliath – from cross equip – really stepped up the game. Also rowers and bikes by Concept2 were top.

Partners and sponsors to support what we do

Our partners and sponsors as well played a vital role. Thank you so much for your support!

Partners: cross equip, Concept2, CrossFit St. Gallen, ALLSUPPS, Dottiraudio, Essento, Crossfeet, Peak Punk, TCM Praxis Leng, Med & Motion, Sprecher Mentalcoaching, State Energy, Swiss Designer Sport and Powerfood.

Sponsors: Oertli Instruments, Hälg & Co. AG, Max Zeller Söhne AG, die Gestalter AG, Sanitas Troesch AG, Scheibling Electronics, Brauerei Schützengarten, St. Galler Stadtwerke, Stadt St. Gallen Sport, Swisscom, Universal Job AG and Vinos Dominguez.

Those partners and sponsors added great stuff to the goodiebags for our athletes, were on site in the vendor village or just supported us in the background. THANK YOU!

Pictures and videos from the final

You find some impressions on our instagram. The whole gallery with all the pictures form the final can be found here. Have fun browsing through the pictures form TnR2022. Download the pics you like and if you share it on your social media, make sure to show our photographers (@srfokus or @humi.photography) and us (@toughandrough_switzerland) some love 💚.

Next year’s edition? Sure!

TnR2023 is already in planning, it will take place on the 30th of September and 1st of October 2023. Details about the season will follow in the next weeks.


Do you have feedback and want to share it with us? Then please do so and send it to claudia@toughandrough.ch. We are happy to hear your inputs.

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