We need you to make this event possible, to be able to put together a great and exciting final event. Below, you can find an overview and details about the jobs at the event. For our final in September 2023, we need our #GreenTeamTnR💚.

The following jobs we have to offer:

  • Assembly and disassembly (Aufbau und Abbau): Assembly of the material before the event and disassembly afterwards
  • Check-in and Area Management: Registration of the teams before the event, responsibility for warm-up area and contact person for the teams at the event
  • Equipment: Set up of the material for the WODs at the event
  • Judge: Making sure that movement standards are met, the number of reps is correct and the time is noted correctly
  • Samaritan / Paramedic: You ensure that athletes receive appropriate first aid in the event of an accident and you are always ready next to the competition floor.
  • Catering: Making sure our audience and ahtletes get fueled with drinks, coffee and cake – this team is already complete.
  • Scoring: Register the team’s scores, keeping the leaderboard up to date – this team is already complete.
  • Media: Post on Social Media, keeping the screen up to date – this team is already complete.
  • Speaker: Host the event, comment the workouts and the athelete’s performance – this team is already complete.

Shift and planning
The duration of your shift varies depending on your job. Assembly and check-in starts on Friday already, disassembly starts on Sunday afternoon. All other jobs take place on Saturday and Sunday, the two event days.

We will provide you with your schedule on time. You will find it online and will always see, when and where you are scheduled. In addition, we will have a briefing for you before the event. 

We are very grateful for your help and and do not take it for granted. You will get a t-shirt and we will plan a staff event for you. 

Registration and contact
You can register via the registration form. When registering, you can indicate your three favorite jobs and how much time you can spare for us. We will try to schedule your job accordingly. 

If you have any questions, Daniela is here for you.

What you shoud bring for your job
It is great if you are flexible and committed to your job. Depending on the job, other skills are of course an advantage:

  • Assembly and disassembly (Aufbau und Abbau): manual skills, physically fit
  • Check-in and Area Management: open hearted and communicative, helpful, tidy and you are able to keep the overview even if it gets hectic.
  • Equipment: responsible, quick, physically fit, knows about the workouts and the material and is skilled in handling the equipment
  • Judge: professional attitude, exact and calm, confident, knows about the workouts, movements and standards.
  • Samaritan / Paramedic: appropriate training, pro-activ and ready to go anytime
  • Catering: open hearted and communicative, helpful, tidy and you are able to keep the overview even if it gets hectic, good accounting skills
  • Scoring: concentrated, exact, IT-skills, confident in handling numbers
  • Media: An eye for the perfect picture, confident in handling screens, beamer, laptops and videos and social media
  • Speaker: calm and entertaining, knows about the movements, standards and workouts