Our athletes will use drag ropes at this years competition. And you can buy those drag ropes, for a sale-price!

We offer you the competition drag ropes – once used at the final – at a reduced price. You can buy it beforehand and bring it home with you on Saturday night or have it sent to you. Here is what we offer:

  • Drag Rope, black, Size L (for 179 cm to 188 cm height) | 12 ropes available
  • Drag Rope, black, Size M (for 161 cm to 176 cm height) | 12 ropes available
  • Price for pick-up on-site: CHF 40
  • Price for shipping in Switzerland: CHF 50

You want to get yours?

If you want to get your rope, just drop Claudia an e-mail. There is only limited availability, so this means: first come, first served. This is how it works:

  • Reserve your rope by giving your name and contact information to Claudia.
  • You will then receive the payment information directly.
  • Transfer the money.
  • Come by on Saturday night on-site to grab your rope, between 5pm and 7pm
  • If you are not able to pick-up your rope on Saturday night, let us know in your e-mail.

Is there other equipment for sale?

Yes, there are bikeergs and rowers from Concept2.

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