You don’t feel like being an athlete on the TnR Competition floor? But you still want to be part of the event and the magic? That’s great because we got something for you: Be a member or our staff! We got a great choice of jobs for you!

The final takes place on the 30th of September and 1st of October 2023 at the Athletik Zentrum St.Gallen and without our staff – our beloved GreenTeamTnRšŸ’š – this event won’t be possible. So we need you! As a member of our staff, you’re an important, essential part of the whole event. We have choice of jobs which you can choose from: whatever fits you best.

Jobs and shifts

  • Assembly, disassembly (Aufbau, Abbau): You will be assembling the competition floor and the things we need around it. This job takes place on Friday afternoon and evening and on Sunday late afternoon.
  • Check-in: You will register our athletes, making sure they are all set and get the goodie bags. Also, you will register the audience and collect the entrance fee. This job takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Area Management: You are the contact for the athletes as well as for the audience. You make sure ahtletes are on time in the warm-up area and on the competition floor. This job takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Equipment: You will set-up the competition floor for each workout and heat. You will clean the equipment after the workouts and you will help putting everything back after the whole event. This job takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Judge: You will assure the teams get their scores, you will make sure they move along the standards of the movements and workouts, you count and you take their time. This job takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Samaritan / Paramedic: You ensure that athletes receive appropriate first aid in the event of an accident and you are always ready next to the competition floor. You have an appropriate training. This job takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.

We have also teams for catering, media, scoring and speaker. Those teams are already complete.

How it works

After your registration, you will get an confirmation E-Mail. By the End of August 2023 you will get detailed information about your job. We will set-up an information page on our website where you find everything you need to know.

What you get

As a member of the GreenTeamTnRšŸ’š, you are as close to the competition floor and the magic as you can get. We love you and are very grateful for you being part of it. During the event, you will have snacks and drinks right next to the competition floor ready for you. For your working days, you will also get a lunch. You will get a T-Shirt (or you can choose to use one you already have from previous years). And in late October 2023, we will invite you to our GreenTeamTnR-Event.


The final takes place in the Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen. A location that has everything you need as an athlete: Warm-up area, enough changing rooms and showers, parking, close to public transport and hotels, modern, open and enough space for your fans. Also, your fans can look forward to stands very close to the competition floor, great fresh food, freshly brewed coffee, a vendor village and maybe event the opportunity to participate in an spectator event. The location even offers small, simple rooms for your overnight stay. We will let you know about the details with the information for the final.


We are here for you, just shoot Daniela an e-mail or give her a call.

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